It's time to give life a new view

Here at Plutus we strive for excellence whether it’s aerial photography, photography, virtual tours or web design. 

Aerial Photography

High resolution aerial photography helps give new prospective and captures the true aesthetics of the scenery.


Photography helps make a house feel like a home to prospective buyers that are looking for the perfect fit for their family.

Virtual Tour

360 photography or virtual reality images are perfect for maximum exposure for real-estate, business or restaurants who want to show off their space in an immersive environment.

WebSite design

Fresh and elegant web design is what is important to us.


Aerial Photography

We are 107 Certified, and can assist you with a multitude of aerial photography and video needs. We can bring a space to life which allows visitors to connect in a new way. Also, for realistic first person views that otherwise could not be accomplished. Whether it’s for real-estate, construction or insurance we we got you covered.  


Photography has never been more important for selling real-estate than now. More people are using the online marketplace to view properties without having to leave their home. Professional photos are important because they make your property stand out.


Virtual tours have proven to be a popular tool within the real-estate industry. It allows buyers freedom to explore a property and have better viewings as they already know the property well, which allows them to have a competitive advantage.

WebSite design

We help entrepreneurs, small businesses and individuals tell their stories. For those who don’t have the time or knowledge to design their website, contact us!

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